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CEO Focus - NorCal

Harnessing the collective wisdom of peers.

Real Clarity, Real Results

CEO Focus business owner advisory boards cut through the clutter to provide real-world, practical business advice. Your CEO Focus Team will share with you business growth strategies that other business owners are successfully using to take their businesses to the next level.

Your facilitator will also develop a plan specifically for your personal vision of success, and your CEO Focus Team will help keep you accountable to executing that plan.

A New Group is Forming Now in the San Francisco North Bay Area

  • Monthly “CEO Focus” group meetings with your fellow team members to share ideas and support each other
  • An initial half-day of one-on-one consulting to work on setting your business and/or personal goals
  • Monthly visits or calls with your facilitator to review key issues on a one-on-one basis to keep you on track with your vision
  • Networking with like-mined business owners
  • Access to proprietary consulting tools and services for small business
  • Free enrollement to our MBO Program

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A New Group is Forming Now in the San Francisco North Bay Area

Our Philosophy

CEO Focus - Norcal

Who Are Our Members

Each CEO Focus Team is a peer group of 8-12 individuals who own and operate growing companies.  Most of the firms have revenues between $1 million and $50 million with 10 to 100 employees. Team members are from a wide variety of businesses and industries, including B2B services, manufacturing, sales organizations, minority-run businesses, female-run businesses. It is this diversity that adds to the value.

Our typical group member is the successful CEO who wants to be even more successful. Our groups are full of bright, driven men and women. For instance, in a small-market city, our group members include three MBAs, a PhD., an attorney/MBA, two Ernst & Young Entrepreneur of the Year Finalists, and a Statewide Blue Chip Award Winner, and a publicly traded company (NASDAQ).

Napoleon Hill coined the phrase "Master Mind" in his book "Think and Grow Rich." Perhaps the ultimate historical mastermind group was called "The Vagabonds." It included Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, President Warren G. Harding, Alexis Carrel and Harvey Firestone.

We typically find that four things must be present to justify belonging. A member must have commitment, desire, humility, and justify the ROI. 

  • If you are not committed to working on the tough issues facing your business, CEO Focus is not for you. 

  • If you do not have a strong desire to do the uncomfortable things that will accompany your commitment, CEO Focus is not for you. 

  • If you do not have the humility to say "I don't know all the answers," as well as the willingness to get outside input, CEO Focus is not for you. 

  • Lastly, you must be able to justify that the cost of membership is less than the gains you will receive. 

If the first three are present, the ROI takes care of itself. The majority of our members stay for many years. They continue because the cost of CEO Focus is earned back in profits numerous times over. 

What Your CEO Focus Team Membership Gives You